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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Remove Public Holidays from Outlook 2010/2013

Click on Calendar
Click on the View tab
Use the drop down button Change View and select List
You should now see a list of all your calendar items
Sort by Category by using the column headings
The holidays should appear grouped together
You can now delete them all by highlighting and pressing Delete


  1. awesome =] been trying to do that all weekend =] Because made the mistake of checking "Christian holidays" as well as "United states"

  2. Thanks! Couldn't find this anywhere on Microsoft help.

  3. This has been bugging me for the past few months and since I am *completely* overloaded at work..I have not been able to find a quick answer to this..until now! Thanks!!


  5. OMG, I've searched for this and kept finding older outlook versions! Thank you!

  6. I am using Outlook 2013 and found View tab and the Change View drop down box but alas no List

  7. Strange, it should be there by default! You can create your own view using the following steps:
    Click "Change View"
    Click "Mange Views"
    Click "New"
    Give it a name
    Make sure "Table" is selected under "Type of View"
    Make sure "All Calendar folders" is selected under "Can be used on"
    Click OK
    Click "Columns" and select "All Document fields" from "Select available columns from"
    Click "Category" and click "Add"
    Click OK to confirm everything
    Finally click on "Change View" and select your new view settings

  8. Thanks for sharing, works like a charm!
    Regards, Ramon

  9. Thanks!! Exactly what I needed and so easy to follow/do.